Your Struggles May Actually Be Your Greatest Gifts

I’m sitting here with the Christmas music playing and feeling the love of the Christmas season and I can’t help but think back to the times that I thought my future would never have the joy, love,  or awesomeness in it.

It’s amazing how much our lives can change from what we thought it would be like and how your life struggles may actually be your greatest gifts.

When our hearts are filled with sadness, it feels like we are going to sit in dispair and carry this heavy gray cloud with us forever.

Life is illusory. The moment we are in can have this deceiving feeling that it is eternal.

I remember thinking, when my kids were just toddlers that they would be toddlers forever!

When my daughter passed away I thought that grief and sadness too would last forever.  I felt that at 31 years old the best of my life had come and gone and that joy, happiness and love would never be part of my life again.

Of course life is a cycle of ups and downs and that without one there isn’t the other.  Without sorrow there is no joy and just as there is a time for death there is a time for birth and the renewal of life.

Nobody wants to experience the death of a child. And I would never choose to experience it again. But looking back I realize it’s the challenges that have made me…. me. The days that I thought there was no way I could live through them. I look back and realize that these are the days that have shaped me.

Did I want “shaping?” Was I thinking that the struggle may actually be a gift?

H*ll no! In fact when it feels like sorrow and pain is swallowing you up it’s hard to think anything good can possibly come from it.

And yet if you open up to the possibility that happiness, love, and joy can replace the pain and sorrow that is exactly what happens. You will find that within you is a huge well of strength and courage that you never knew was there.

Today I believe that my daughter’s death has not been some form of cruel, unfair punishment, but truly a gift.

A gift of the time we shared and the love she brought to the world. A gift to honor her life, and share her story with you. A gift so that I could live my purpose and learn of my own strength and courage. A gift to know what is truly important in life and how truly precious life is. A gift that was only possible through the combination of her and I.

So what about you?

What have you learned from the challenges in your life?

How can you change what was to what you now choose it to mean?

We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


To Your Life Without Limits,





Elena & Jean

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  1. Gladys Diaz
    Gladys Diaz says:

    I remember feeling like I would never breathe, much less smile again, after my late husband passed away. At 27, all of my hopes, dreams, and plans for the future died with the last breath he took in my arms. When I look back on those times, it’s almost difficult for me to believe the joy, peace, and love I get to experience with my husband and sons. I truly believe that the gift of love my first husband and I shared prepared me to recognize love when it miraculously entered my life again. I am able to give and receive love freely and to honor my first husband’s memory by living a life that is a reflection of the love and joy I experienced in my past, am expanding upon in the present, and will continue to grow in the future! Thank you for another beautiful post!


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