you are a gemYOU ARE A GEM!

I am a gal who loves gems. I love them all, from the brilliant shine of a true sparkling diamond, to the deep matte finish of a black ebony stone.

However, I am not into studs or bedazzled items as a rule (there are always exceptions).

But I often wonder of the appeal of jewelry and why are we lured to peer longingly into those glass cases which enhance the beauty of gems in a jewelry or department store.

And are we a lot like gems?  Is that why we are so attracted to them?

I do know that way back in time about 40,000 years ago, women (and men)  created adornments from shells , bones, sinew and mother of pearl. And those Egyptian Pharaohs loved their bling. Worn only by the wealthy and those in power, Egyptian jewelry is really quite something to behold. They also adorned themselves with scarabs, said to hold mystical properties.

And most people know that jewelry was used as currency and eventually evolved into accessories.

Often used as status symbols, the more bangles, necklaces and the like, the more money you had…well duh!  And of course jewelry became a form of artistic expression.

Not to mention the fact that it is just so darn pretty!

A tiny bit more history… such as pins, buckles and brooches actually had a distinct function- to -hold things together. I really think pins are quite awesome and encourage everyone to help make them a fashion statement (again). What better way to evoke your feelings for the day than with a dragon fly, bumble bee, star, sun or moon. Placed just so on the shoulder or lapel, it’s a little way to lift your spirits and those of people whom you encounter.

And so, why do we love jewelry? I think it must be in our DNA, why else would we drool over engagement rings, tennis bracelets, bangles baubles and more. I know I am making a vast generalization here…..the whole men vs. women thing, but just go with me.

HERE IT IS….I think we are all GEMS in a world of roughly hewn stones.

We are all trying to smooth our edges to bring out the natural beauty of the stone inside.

Are we diamonds in the rough?  You bet.

We are also soft as Emeralds, dynamic as rubies, spectacular as sapphires and mystical as opals. Much has been written on the mystical properties of each stone, and if you are interested, just hit google.

Right now though, I would like to ponder how we are like gems.

Gemstones are generally characterized as beautiful, of course. But in order to be qualified as a gem, they must be durable, have strength and resilience.

They are rare and distinct in their are a gem

Does that sound like anyone you know?

This rarity factor of most gemstones makes them extremely valuable.

Hmmmm…..who’s a gemstone now?

FYI – most gemstones other than amber and pearls, are non organic. Only amber which comes from the resin in trees, and pearls which, well you know…under the sea, oysters, sand and WOW.  They are softer and not quite as resilient as mined gemstones.

But don’t we all have friends that fit into those categories?

Or perhaps we do as well.

The adjectives used to describe gems and jewels are so fitting for women.

Beautiful, rare, resilient, durable, luminescent, exotic.

Perhaps we see something in ourselves when we look at gemstones in particular. We want to wear them to bring out our inner gem like qualities. Lest you think gems are all perfect, all have inclusions. These are visible traces of the genesis of the stone.

This is where tiny crystals of other minerals get caught up in the growth of the larger host crystal.

We are all a compilation of our past, our experiences, our DNA, our cells.

Sometimes our inclusions are visible, but mostly they are below the surface and  make us what we are today.

They enhance our beauty and significantly affect the way we shine.  We can work on them and polish them and bring forth our natural beauty which is hidden inside like a diamond in the rough, or the ruby tucked into a piece of seemingly innocuous rock.




Doesn’t it sound great to say it out loud. I AM A GEM!  

Such a wonderful way of describing someone.

I encourage you to look at your friends, find their facets, help them polish their inner beauty, identify their inclusions and recognize their rare, beautiful, exotic and resilient nature. And while you are at it……do the same for yourself.





P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below and as always feel free to share this post with your family and friends.




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  1. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    How would you describe someone who seems like just a gem, so delicate that we might miss when we first see it, but once we stop and look we see how brilliant that person is?! But yet its exactly like a gem?!


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