Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World

The world is changing, there are more and more women becoming entrepreneurs.  It is so exciting and inspiring to see some of the women as they overcome huge obstacles to not only change things for themselves but also for their community and the world.

Women entrepreneurs have different values, passions and beliefs than men.

It is because of these differences that women entrepreneurs are changing the world. Right now more and more women are becoming leaders.

Last fall I meet some amazing women entrepreneurs from Uganda. They had flown from Uganda to Florida to learn new skills for their business. They spoke with excitement and passion about the businesses they were in.

What made these women different, than the men we had talked to, was there vision and purpose. Women in business are looking for freedom, freedom to do what they want, when they want. They are looking for freedom to life the life of their dreams.

Women entrepreneurs are driven by passion.

They are determined to change the things in the world that they care about and they feel are unjust.Women start business around things they feel has purpose and meaning, that will fit into their lifestyle and that they feel will benefit others.

When determining what you want your life to be like you need to first decide what is important to you and what it is you are passionate about.

For the women in Uganda it was to improve the life for their children. They wanted their children to have opportunities that they did not have.

What is it that you are passionate about? What are you willing to work hard for?

Elena and I are passionate about helping women build a new life.

We are passionate about helping women all over the world have an opportunity to change their circumstances for themselves, their families and their community.

We know that every woman has the ability to change the world through entrepreneurship, no matter what their past was, or their current circumstances.

I feel we all deserve to live a full abundant life.

To live a life of purpose and to live a life without limits. My partner Elena and I are excited to help you live your dream life.

We have a complimentary seven-day series, “7 Key Tips To Live Your Dream Lifestyle,” available for you.

In this series we will help you determine what your dream lifestyle includes.We will help you set up goals and strategies so you have the lifestyle you dream of for yourself and your family.

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Elena & Jean


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