Women Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

More women than ever are starting a business with baby boomers being the largest group of new entrepreneurs.

As a baby boomer myself and having spent 30 years in the health care industry one of the questions I get asked is why start a business now?

Women baby boomer entrepreneurs start their own business for many of the same reasons other women start their own business.

Baby boomer women start a business to supplement their retirement, be their own boss, leave a legacy, share their knowledge, take control of their future and many more reasons.

For me, I chose to partner with my daughter in our own business, to have control over my time, to help other women in business, to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren and to contribute to my community.

Many baby boomer women are changing the ideas we have about retirement and developing a business with skills they learned in the work force or have turned their hobbies into a business filled with passion.

I have grown up in a family full of entrepreneurs, but I was still surprised at how now is a perfect time to start your own business. With internet access and a computer, You-tube, Facebook, Google and so many other forms of mass communication, it’s easy for anyone to get information about their business in front of millions of people.

I remember spending hours writing ads for my husbands brick and mortar business.The ads went into a small local newspaper. I laugh now about how many people read that little local newspaper compared to the access we have with the internet.

I know exactly why so many women have become entrepreneurs and online business owners. With a computer and the internet you can be a business owner from your home, and it’s a perfect match for women entrepreneurs.

Like many baby boomer women I was ready to start a new phase in my life and having my own online business from home was a perfect fit.

I feel fortunate to have had a successful career, and to have helped my husband build a very successful business, but even more fortunate now to take everything I have learned and help other women build their own business.

I love the opportunity to influence and empower other women. Women can have the lifestyle they choose and I am passionate about showing them how they can have the life that they dream of.

Weather your a baby boomer, mom, or a women looking for an alternative to the job she has now, my partner Elena and I are excited to help you live your dream life.

We have a complimentary seven-day training series, “Living A Life Without Limits,” available for you. We will help you set up goals and strategies so you have the lifestyle you dream of for yourself and your family.

Get your complementary lifestyle tips by filling in the form at the top of our home page,  LiveALifeWithoutLimits.com.


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