What Level of Purpose Are You Playing?

life purposeEvery person has a uniquely encoded purpose and the real work of our lives is finding and living it.

 In my work as a purpose guide, I have come to see that a vast majority of us are either missing or misidentifying our purpose, so much so, that it is a commonly undiagnosed malady in today’s society.   In fact, I believe that depression could be lessened, even alleviated when people live authentically and boldly from their heart.

The challenge comes from people not knowing if they are on the “right” path.   How does one know after all?  Aren’t we supposed to just find a career that pays well and give us a two week vacation every year and call it “happy.”   Why should we want more than that?

We want more because deep down, we know we were made for more.

We live in a time where we can be and do anything.  So why do we settle for less than our heart’s desires?  What I have found is that we let the “mental monsters” of fear, doubt, and disbelief make our life decisions instead of the wisdom of our soul.  We tend to get caught up in the busyness of the world, and then find ourselves lost in roles and responsibilities that we have long outgrown, and end up feeling trapped.  We fail to see the path that would lead us to our Greatness. Or we might

see it, but not believe that we could really live the life of our dreams.

Unbeknownst to us, we complicate a relatively simple concept, “follow the path with heart.”   Since the ego wants to be right, it will latch onto a role or position and claim that “This is IT.”   The righteous self will expand a great deal of effort forcing things and situations to work, despite evidence to the contrary.

So how do you know if you are moving in the direction of your destiny?   Let’s first understand there are four various pathways.  The first three are often constructed by your limited self, while the other, higher one, is “initiated” by your greater self.   You often cannot see this option because you may have prematurely committed to one of the others (default, pseudo, or personality).  I refer to the first three pathways as “Persona” purposes because they are the masks we wear to gain attention from others in life, and wearing a mask definitely falls into “false pretences,” don’t you agree?

Four Levels of Purpose:

1. Default:  This level reflects the relationships or jobs that you “fall into” with little conscious choice.


Pseudo:  This level looks deceptively like you are on purpose but your Soul is probably not engaged, and you do it more for external motivations than internal inspirations.

3. Personality:  This level reflects who you are as a human personality, and you may have success with it, but there is still room for more Soul.

4. Soul Purpose/Destiny:  This level brings all of who you are–body, mind, and spirit into the equation. You feel called and bravely follow this path even though you are not sure where it leads.

We  have choice.  We can “default” into “false purposes” based in the ego or lead our life from our true purpose which originates in our soul.    Keep in mind,

when there is “efforting” there is falseness.   Where there is allowance, there is grace.   And being able to discern the difference between the lower paths and your highest path is essential to succeeding in a truly Great Way.

False Purposes may give you visible material results and yet leave you feeling empty or unfulfilled, like something important is missing.  They keep you in “pursuit” of the next thing and never let you be at peace, feeling as if where you are is good enough.  False  purposes are driven by human needs to know and be in control.  Most painfully, your self-expression and creativity is stifled.

Listen To Your Heart

The way it works is that your Purpose is found in the heart, and it often finds you!  The best thing to cure “persona-based living” is to let go of whatever does not make your heart sing.   Yes, you may feel nervous and uncertain at first, but eventually you gain the clarity and confidence that comes from honoring your heart.

Gently begin by letting yourself be drawn by the passions and longings in your heart and when you come to a possible path, ask these two powerful questions for “authentication purposes:”  Does this path have heart?Can I give my heart to this path?

Answering both of them yes, yes, yes! is a positive sign that you are headed in the right direction, the one that leads to your true reason for being and highest purpose.  The benefits of following the path with heart are full self- expression, authentic happiness and yes, Success on your soul’s terms, which is as real as it gets.

Which purpose are  you living? Leave a comment or spread the LOVE by sharing this page with a friend!


Michelle Casto is known as The Destiny Diva and bestselling author of the The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.   She is a prolific writer and transformational teacher that utilizes soul alignment techniques to empower you to live your Destiny and shine your brilliance. She is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a global clientele.

You can find her on social media as “Bright Michelle” and at her blog http://www.LiveYourDivineDestiny.com


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6 replies
  1. Sandra Mauck
    Sandra Mauck says:

    Your four phases hit home for me as I’ve been through them all and recycling through again. Like peeling an onion there is always more. As a 70+ woman, I like to think I’ve gotten past #3, but it is the toughest for me to move through. Still, I do with much gratitude experience #4 and it feels great!! Thanks for the clarity.

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    In this shift of consciousness, all are called to Purpose, AND everyone is needed to do the work we were born to do @JeanMarie. And I want to remind everyone that many do not discover it until their 50’s, 60’s and beyond…it is never too late to be what we might have been @Sandra. Let’s all stay the course! Together we can turn this ship around and head it towards home (Heaven On Mother Earth).

  3. Christine
    Christine says:

    I’m glad to hear that our deepest purpose comes from our soul and we are called to it even though we may not know where it leads. I am on that journey right now and wondered if I was not on track because everyone else in my field seems to know where try are going… Great post!

  4. Jeanmarie Bills
    Jeanmarie Bills says:

    Hi Christine, Have faith in the process and take time to listen to your heart and you will be on the right path.


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