Top 5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs To Stay Consistent In Business

When starting our business we met so many roadblocks, walls, detours, and moments of uncertainty.

As  female entrepreneurs, this is all part of the journey to success.

Each of us runs into these moments, no matter if you are starting a new venture or are years into your business.

The unfortunate truth is that sometimes life gets in the way, but that is part of life.

Situations like sick kids, cancer, divorce, whatever the life situation, it can completely derail your business efforts.

We are not pointing this out to place blame or judgement, but to be honest and keep it real.

Life moments of uncertainty are when you need to dig deep and be consistent in your business.

We are often asked, “If you were to do one thing different, what would that be?”

The answer–Stay Consistent in Your Business!

Sounds simple enough, right? But why, at times, can it become so hard to execute?

Truth is, as female entrepreneurs we learned our lesson the hard way. Life happened and our consistency became less of a priority. Not only did our business growth stop, we went backwards.

As a female entrepreneur to stay consistent in your business is essential to your business growth. So, what do you do when life happens?

As we look back over the last 5 years of our business, the one thing that we make a priority is our ability to “be consistent.” We are just like other women. Family members get sick, kids get sick and at times it can seem like your world gets torn apart.

But life goes on and being consistent in your business is required for you to live the life of your dreams, a life without limits. 

Why? Consistency is the #1 thing that will increase your success and the rate your business makes money.

So, how do you make that happen?

5 Tips to Stay Consistent in Your Business

1. Develop a clear plan. Whether you are seeking to create your life or business without limits, clarity is essential. Having a road map keeps you motivated and clear, especially through times of uncertainty. There is nothing more damaging to your business, than the lack of clarity, so be sure to know where you are going at all times.

2. Hire a coach. A coach keeps you focused and on track towards your vision, enabling you with a plan of action. This plan allows you to know exactly what to do next. Having this support is crucial to success. We know–we worked quite a few years without a coach and have learned that we will never be without one again! Yes, even coaches have coaches.

3. Find a mastermind group. A mastermind group will help motivate you and allow you to see that it is normal to have roadblocks. Groups usually consist of people you can confide in if you are feeling stuck. If you can’t find a group near you, create one instead.

4. Get out of your head. Often, we stop being consistent because we are thinking too much and telling ourselves things that aren’t true. Statements such as “this will never work” or “I cannot do this”, take us out of alignment and stop momentum. Change your thoughts and change your life!

5. Take care of yourself. As a female entrepreneurs, it is easy to leave yourself behind and take care of everyone and everything first. This approach can often lead to a lack of motivation and consistency. Remember, to schedule time to take care of yourself. Whether it is yoga, the spa, or lunch with friends, rewards and fun help fuel you to be consistent in business.

Consistency does not come naturally–you need to create it.

Make a plan, find support, and get out of your own way to create your life without limits, and if you need help, you know where to find us!


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


P.S. We would love to hear  your  tips to be consistent in your business, when life gets in the way. Leave us a comment and share your wealth of knowledge. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends.

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