The Magic Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds were used by the Aztecs and Mayans to keep them full for long periods of time. The Aztec warriors carried these seeds in their pouches; one tablespoon was enough to sustain them for an entire day.

Chia seeds are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients and are easy to add to any diet.  They have been called a superfood because they have a maximum amount of nutrients with a small number of calories.

Exactly what people are looking for today!

These power packed seeds are becoming more and more popular, even Dr. Oz is talking about them. We have been adding them into our diet for several years now. Here’s why.

My son Antonio was born 4 weeks premature, at 3 pounds, 16 ounces.  He was smaller than other babies born 4 weeks early, so his first three weeks of life were spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit hooked to tubes and wires. After 4 weeks in the hospital he was able to come home, at 5 pounds.

At 6 months he started to eat solid foods, but he was still really small for his age.  Because he was still quite small the doctors recommended he eat a lot of protein, particularly red meat. Although we are not vegetarian and my son loves meat, we wanted to find other things that were packed with protein and nutrition.

We knew about beans, nuts and regular things that had protein, but we were looking for more options. We found seeds. One of our favorite power foods became chia seeds, because they are really good for you, they taste good and they are easy to use. As all moms know, getting kids to eat healthy is not always easy.

Chia seed benefits include, more omega 3 fatty acids than Atlantic Salmon, more antioxidants than fresh blueberries, more calcium than milk, more fiber than bran cereal, 2 times the potassium than bananas, and more protein than flaxseed. They have been used to reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals, increase endurance, level blood sugar, increase energy, and increase regularity.

Chia seeds have a nut like flavor and can be eaten whole or ground up and added to almost anything.  They can be ground up and used to make muffins or breads. Chia seeds can be sprinkled in salad, yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal.  As a quick snack that will keep you feeling full longer, and one of my son’s favorite ways to eat chia seeds is to just dip a banana in them.

Here are some favorite Chia Seed Recipes:

Favorite Morning Shake Recipe:
1 Tbls. Chia Seeds
1 Banana
3-5 Ice cubes
¾ cup rice/almond milk
Add in greens, spinach, kale, etc. You can use Vitamineral Green, which combines many green super-foods in one.

You can also substitute the ice with frozen berries and pineapple for more flavor.
Blend together- You can use a personal blender, like the magic bullet for fast preparation and clean-up.

Chia Fresca: a refreshing drink that is popular in Central America and Mexico.
2 Tbls. Chia Seeds
8 ounces of water
squeeze of lemon or lime
1 stevia packet to sweeten

Chia Pudding:
3 Tbls. Chia Seeds
¾ c juice (Antonio’s favorite – acai juice) or milk

Let sit for 45 min stirring often, the Chia seeds will soak up the liquid creating a pudding.

Enjoy these quick, healthy recipes. A healthy lifestyle is essential to your life without limits. Think about it, how can you have your best life without your health? You need your health to have the business you dream of, your time  freedom and financial freedom, to travel, and have the adventures you dream of, your health is essential.

We would love to hear about your favorite healthy lifestyle tips. Leave us a comment in the box below and feel free to share this post with your friends and family. After all they deserve a healthy lifestyle too!
To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena &  Jean

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    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Your welcome Christine. They are so easy to include in your diet and so good for you. They are an easy addition to your green drink and they will add a nice nutty flavor. Enjoy!

      • FIBC
        FIBC says:

        Actually chia seeds are realized that they are tasty and beneficial for our health, can also be eaten as meal food. Many thanks for your sharing here.

      • Lainey
        Lainey says:

        Hello, thanks for reading my comment and for your gr.oucisnessaI would like to apologize for my earlier tone though. I had written the comment, directly after reading the article, which seems to be the wrong thing to do if you’re trying to be an impartial critic, emotions come in the way. My blood certainly isn’t boiling any more and in retrospect, it probably wasn’t my blood that was boiling then, but more likely my flair of drama.I read your other articles, you’re doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Yea, I thought of you when we posted it. You have such great healthy, easy recipes that you share on your blog.

  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Jeanmarie, I am also a huge fan of Chia seeds having used them for years- normally sprinkling them over my breakfast cereal. Their health benefits are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    When I was younger, all I knew about chia seeds were those heads and plants that grew them as “hair.” As an adult, I realized they were tasty and beneficial for your health – I also have them over breakfast cereal.

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Yep, thats exactly what I thought when someone told me about them. I am glad they are getting recognized now for all the health benefits they have. I love them on cereal too!


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