Successful Women Entrepreneurs Hold Onto Their Power

One of the personal and professional struggles I had, was giving away my power. The reason it was a difficult lesson to learn was because I didn’t always realize when I was giving it away.

I didn’t realize each time I felt I had no options, opportunities, or choices was because I had chosen to look at my life that way, and was giving away my power to chose my life path. I had chosen to give up my power.

Successful women entrepreneurs hold onto their power. When I was working at a job I spent huge amounts of hours in the cooperate world. I thought I had no choice. In reality it was totally my choice to continue that lifestyle. When I realized I had a choice I took a leap of faith and made changes and became an entrepreneur.

So what are the habits of successful women entrepreneurs? One habit is to be extremely aware of their thoughts.

Your thoughts control your attitudes and therefore your behavior. Unlucky, unfortunate or bad things happen to all of us it’s how we chose to react to it that determines what we think and do.

We can feel defeated and powerless or we can learn from the experience and use it to grow. What I have found is that one habit of the successful businesswoman, is to use the experience as an opportunity.

Last summer I had the chance to be around a group of very successful entrepreneurs in the Bahamas. I found it interesting how some people used the same experience to tell about the hardships in their life and how others used the experience to ask questions, learn and grow their personal, and business lives.

The one thing that I found the most interesting was to watch one of the speakers, David Bach a very successful author and entrepreneur, use the time he wasn’t speaking to learn from the other speakers and people at the conference. I thought no wonder he is so successful, he was always using his life as an opportunity to grow and learn. Successful women do that also. They take every opportunity to learn and grow, therefore not feeling like a victim.

To take control of your life, circumstances and opportunities is to hold onto your power. To be a victim or feel you have no options is to give your power away. When I felt stuck in my old job I was giving my power of choice and options away.

I feel we all deserve to live a full abundant life, to live a life without limits. To change our current reality we must first change our current beliefs and habits.

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