Wealth and Tax Consultant — Supporting Entrepreneurs and Investors to Build Wealth By Lowing Their Taxes Now and in the Future!

Welcome!!! I am thrilled to have you here! My goal for you is to achieve all your desires and wildest dreams, by teaching you to build a FREEDOM business, grow your WEALTH and LIVE LIFE NOW. I work with clients to help them get “unstuck” from any money blocks and to help them live a life that they truly desire and love. At a young age, I came to love working with money, budgeting and really finding ways to make money work for me.

I was a bit of a wild-child or rebel my mom would say so I have learned many things the hard way through life-lessons that I believe have led me down the exact path that I needed to take to build the life that I desired. Just as I believe that you are reading this right now for a reason; we have crossed paths for a purpose.

I had my son Antonio at the age of 19 and have been raising him as a single parent since he was born. Being a mother has taught me great patience and understanding that things don’t always go as they are planned.

I’ve had a love for business from the time I was young, I started a franchise at 24 that I absolutely hated. It was not in alignment with my purpose in life, but it was an experience that I learned a lot from.

I went on to grow a family business from 6-figures to 7-figure business, where I work one on one with clients to help them with their money, taxes and financial planning.

After working with 1000’s of clients over the years, I soon realized that by the time the clients came in to see me it was too late to fix any problems they had. It was too late, for example, to tell them they should have rolled their 401k into an IRA when they switched jobs instead of putting the money into a savings account, because they were now facing a huge tax bill that they had not planned on. I realized that the majority of people that I worked with were in financial difficulty, debt, struggling to pay their bills and living paycheck to paycheck. The crazy part was, it didn’t matter what their income was, they all had the same problem.

I knew from that moment what my calling was, who I wanted to work with and how I could help them.

I love helping women (yet I welcome men openly) for a few different reasons. My husband passed away in January of 2012. From this experience I lost everything; My partner, my house, I was left with debt, my credit score was affected, I racked up credit card debt and I had to rebuild from scratch. I see other women struggling with this not only in the death of a spouse but also in women going through divorce. I am a single mother, so I know how difficult the challenge of being a single parent is. Women and money statistics are pretty scary…here are a few from Women, Money and Success magazine.

Forty-two percent of all women lack financial security
Three out of five women over 65 cannot afford to cover their basic needs
Only 18% of families headed by single mothers have financial security
Two-thirds of all working women earn less than $30,000 a year in jobs without pensions
I am happy to share that in the year and a half since my husband’s passing I have gotten my finances back on track. I have purchased a new home, purchased investment property that has a positive cash flow, gotten out of debt and bought a car that I had on my dream board!

I tell you this not to brag but to show you that it is possible for you!
It is possible to set goals and direct the money that you have to those goals.

You can feel good about your money, understand how to navigate your finances, increase your net worth and have a business that you absolutely love!