Our Thoughts Of Courage And Thanks On Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day to honor our soldiers. By tradition to honor the soldiers that have died serving our country. So we want to take a few minutes to share our thoughts on courage and to say thank you to all soldiers past and present for all the sacrifices they have made.

We, like most of you, have had family members serve our country. Some have died for our country.

Today we remember our cousin Kenny who was living with courage as a medic in Vietnam.

Kenny was young and eager to serve his country, so he volunteered to go to vietnam. We remember him entering boot camp as a young, 18-year-old boy. He was so small his high school football coach wouldn’t let him play football.

Months later he was home on leave, no longer a boy but a 6 foot 5 inch tall soldier full of courage and confidence.  Even though I was young I was so impressed by him and to me he was a giant hero who lived courageously.

You see Kenny was a medic that parachuted down from a helicopter to help wounded soldiers. He would provide them with immediate first aide and then get them back to a, “safe zone.”

Whoever parachutes from a helicopter into a jungle where people are shooting at you has to be living with courage.

His tour of duty was almost over; our big homecoming celebration plans were being made when we got the news that he had been killed, “in the line of duty.”

The day we learned of his death, and the day of his funeral are days that are forever ingrained in our mind.

There are different forms of courage and every day we have choices to either live courageously and dream big or to stay on the same path we are on. 


Sometimes we feel like we don’t have the capacity to change we think that our only option is to continue on the path we are on, until, “we have more money,” “or more time,” or whatever it is that brings all the stars into proper alignment.

But the truth is there is never a better time to live courageously, and the stars will never be better aligned.

What it takes is to live courageously.

Whatever the belief is that we tell our selves, it is a false belief that is stripping away our true power. It takes courage to walk a new path and to experience things we have never experienced before.  It is false fears that prevent us from living our deepest desires, or life without limits.

Starting our own business and being entrepreneurs are the things the, “American Dream,” is made of and because of their sacrifices we live that dream.  But just living in the United States doesn’t mean you live the life of your dreams, you need courage to face your fears and take action. You need to live courageously.

We all have people know who have served our country. We take this moment to say thank-you for everything you have done and to the men and women currently serving our country thank-you for your sacrifice and may God keep you safe.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


P.S. We would love to hear your comments on courage. Leave as a comment below and as always feel free to share the post with your family and friends.

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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Your Cousin Kenny sounds like a wonderful man who gave his life for his country. May we indeed embrace life more fully and live more courageously. A wonderful post honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


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