My Dream Lifestyle

When I first left my corporate job I hadn’t given a lot of thought to my dream lifestyle. I thought about freedom.

The freedom that I was looking for was time freedom. I wanted to be in complete control of how I spent my day. If I wanted to spend time at a school function, with my kids, I didn’t want anyone tell me I couldn’t.

I never wanted to worry whether or not I could get time off to spend with a sick child or with my elderly parents. Time freedom for me was huge, and I had become very frustrated with the feeling that my life had spun out of control.  The thoughts about my dream lifestyle came a little later.

I spent a few weeks really thinking about what I wanted in this next chapter of my life.

I set some goals and made a dream book.  Some of the goals have been accomplished, some have changed but one of the most important goals in my life has been consistent and steady since way before I had written any goals or done a dream book.

In fact my mother instilled the value of maintaining my health in me when I was a young.

My mother was a “health food nut,” way before it was popular. There was no such thing as white sugar, white flour, or white bread in our house when I was growing up. So I hadn’t given it much thought until I put the pictures in my dream book. I realized when I put the pictures in my book that health is a top priority in my life and has been since I can remember.

Being an entrepreneur and working from home has made it a lot easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the corporate world I was working long hours but because my job was in the health care industry my hours were always changing.  This made it impossible to have regular sleeping, eating and exercising habits.

Today because I work from home I have total control over my time so I have been able to have a regular schedule that has included exercising, healthy eating and a “normal” sleep schedule.

Working from home has changed a lot of things in my life.  There has been a lot less stress, less work stress but also less stress because I am able to have balance between work and my family’s needs, which has also promoted a much healthier lifestyle.

A dream lifestyle is different for everyone.

My dream book has lots of pictures of a women’s healthy lifestyle, but also pictures of family time, travel, charities, adventures I want to have and lots more.

What does a dream lifestyle look like for you?

I would love to hear what you want in your dream lifestyle, drop us a comment below and tell us about it.

To Your Dream Life,




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