Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?



  Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?
We all have limiting beliefs at some time or another.

Are yours holding you back?

A limiting belief is something that we believe in whether it is true or not. It is a belief that stops us from living our full potential, our life without limits.

As children we started to have limiting beliefs. Someone may have told us that we were never going to amount to anything or that we weren’t smart, etc.

You get the picture!

Unless you remove those limiting beliefs and realize that they no longer have any purpose or in some cases they never did, they are holding you back.

Here are some simple steps that you can do to remove them once and for all. After all, you can’t grow to your full potential, if you are still believing in them.


Steps On Removing Your Limiting Beliefs:


1.)  Does It Serve Any Purpose:

Ask yourself whatever the limiting belief that you are having, does it serve any purpose?

Most of the time it never did and it certainly doesn’t now!

I recently helped a client with a limiting belief. They know in their heart that they are a good person, but because of something that they did in the past that seems to comes up from time to time, it makes them question if they really are.

So what I did was to ask them, “At the time that you did or did not do something that makes you feel like you are not a good person, with the knowledge that you had at the time or what you thought was to be true, did you do the best that you could given the circumstances?” Of course, their answer was yes, but sometimes that doesn’t make us feel any better. I told them that they had to love and  forgive themselves even more.

2.)  Stack Reasons Why That Limiting Belief Is Not True:

I then instructed them to start stacking why they are a good person. I suggested at the end of the day that they write down three things that they did that made them feel that they were a good person during the day.

By stacking the opposite of whatever that limiting belief is, so in this case it was why they are a good person, when that little voice of self doubt tries to get louder and louder, eventually they won’t hear it.

This helps in getting rid of that limiting belief once and for all.

3.)  Get Into The Feeling:

By this I mean, get into the feeling of no longer having that limiting belief.

How does it feel?

It should give you a sense of freedom. You should now feel like you can really soar to that next wonderful Extraordinary level of your life.

Whenever you feel that limiting belief trying to slip back into your life, do all three of these steps.

On a positive note, I got a text from my client the next day that they felt so empowered after our session and that it helped them to make a very rewarding decision.

You deserve to have the very best in life. Unfortunately, you can’t have it if you are holding on to limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. I soooooooo Believe in YOU!

Please share below how you get rid of any limiting beliefs, thanks!


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