What Kind Of Stories Are You Telling Yourself?




We all tell ourselves stories, some are true and some are not. What kind of stories are you telling yourself?

Don’t feel bad, as we all tell ourselves  at least a couple of stories that are not true.

I am sure that some of the stories that you are telling yourself or have told yourself, are that you can’t do something or that you are not worthy to have everything that you desire. You might even be telling yourself that nobody would want to pay for your prices for your services. I bet as you are reading that you are shaking your head Yes!

Some of these stories that you have been telling yourself for many years might be ones that you heard as a child. The great news is that I have some exercises to help you to get rid of these stories that you tell yourself that are not true once and for all very easily and effortlessly.


Tips On How To Get Rid Of Those Stories That Are Not True:


Get Clear:

Take one story that you are telling yourself and ask, “Is it true?” After answering no, then write down that particular story and underneath it write down why it is not true. For instance, if you are telling yourself that nobody would want to pay you what you are worth for your services, then write down why they would.

Basically for every story you are telling yourself you want to give reasons that is is only a limiting belief and that is not true. The more that you can get clear and stack reasons why it is false, you will then start to believe the story that you are now telling yourself. Now you are talking a different kind of a story…one of success!


Look Into The Mirror:

The next time that you find yourself telling you a story that is not true, go to the mirror and look at yourself in the eyes and try telling yourself it. You will find that you will either laugh out loud or will not be able to finish your story as you will realize how not true it really is.

Now look at yourself in the eyes in the mirror and tell yourself that same story but make it so that it is true. For instance take the story used in the first tip and tell yourself that you are now worthy to have ‘x’ amount of clients that want to pay  your full price for your services. You will find that you have the biggest smile on your face. Use this as a tool to tell yourself only the stories that are true and that will propel you forward in taking not only yourself, but your business to that next Extraordinary level.



Write everyday how you want your day to go in your journal. Continue writing any limiting beliefs and stories that you are telling yourself that are not true and write out a short action plan that you are going to take that day to make them not so. Meaning, if you write that you can’t do something, write out what is necessary so that you can do it and then take that first effective action step in doing so.

It is so important that the stories that you are telling yourself are ones that are going to empower you!

Remember, you are absolutely Amazing and are worthy to have everything that you desire. I am rooting for you!


Susan Preston


P.S. Leave us a comment below and tell us the 1 action you will take today to change your story. Feel free to share this post with the people in your life, in fact we love it when you do!

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  1. Gary Hyman
    Gary Hyman says:

    Excellent Susan. So many times people feel that they are not worthy, as you mention. It so important that we recognize that we are influenced & molded by past events in our life – good or bad. As long as we can identify what those past events are – an AWARENESS (get clear + look into the mirror) of oneself – then we have 100% ability take ACTION (Look in the mirror + Journal) and make changes. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise & perspective..

  2. Olga Hermans
    Olga Hermans says:

    The story that we are telling ourselves can be very interesting; I like it that you encourage to challenge ourselves if is based n the truth…not a Cinderella story or some horror story; thanks!

  3. Diane Marie
    Diane Marie says:

    Excellent wisdom that you shared with us. In the past it has been so much easier to believe the negative stories that we told ourselves and now we are retraining our minds, hearts and souls to create empowering stories. Life is so much more enjoyable with the empowering stories! Thanks for sharing.


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