Do You Have The Courage To Keep Living Your Life?

We all have a calling that is inside us, nudging us to move forward on our life journey.

Whether it’s a calling to improve your health, your finances, your relationships, your spirituality, freedom, or travel. Whatever it is we are all on a journey that is constantly moving and calling us to keep searching for a better you, to live life to the fullest.

 Will you have the courage to keep living your life to the fullest, to thrive?

Regardless of our past we all have the choice and possibilities to create our life without limits. Nothing we can do today can change our past but how we interpret our past and use the lessons can help us live a life filled with purpose, passion and to thrive.

But first we have to have the courage to step out beyond our fears, and what we currently believe is possible.

For some of us we know our purpose and passion. Inside us there is this constant nudging, but there may also be a belief that it’s not possible for us to achieve it.

The dream or goal feels unbelievable at least on some level.  When we feel the nudging to create a better life we hold ourselves back by our own limiting beliefs. It takes courage to let go of those limiting beliefs and continue on your journey and not just live but thrive.

I don’t have, “enough time, enough education, resources, connections, or deserve to be happy.” Whatever it is, it’s our own creation of beliefs that is keeping us from fulfilling our full purpose and living life to the fullest.

Whatever it is that you desire, creating it starts with letting go of these limiting beliefs that are part of your life right now.

For some of us our purpose or passions are hidden deep inside and pulling them forward is part of our challenge.

So where do you start? How do you know what it is that’s calling you forward?

The answers are inside you. So lets rise up and get going.

Grab your journal, if you don’t have one you can download your copy of Journal Of Discovery from the top of this page and use it, or use a piece of paper.

Find a quiet place, get comfortable and take a few deep breaths and relax.

Ask yourself,

  • What does your ideal life look like?”
  • What is it that you would like to do, be, or share, with the world?
  • What part of your life right now is not what you would like it to be?
  • What part of your life are you unhappy with?
  • What do you choose right now to change to create your life without limits?

Write the questions then take some time to tune into your inner self for the answers.

When you think of your answers and your new life are you filled with excitement?

Does the new idea match your core values? If not go back and think about your ideal life again.

When I was part of a large corporation, I thought that I had my dream job and was living my purpose. But as time went on and I was moving further and further into the corporate lifestyle I was becoming more and more discontent.  I felt more and more trapped.

It wasn’t until I realized I was not in alignment with my core values that I understood the feelings. I had not considered whether or not my corporate lifestyle and job matched my core value of freedom – to be able to spend my time with my family as I elected. When my daughter passed away I kept praying for just a few minutes with her. Freedom to spend time as I choose was a strong core value.

Your true purpose and passions will not conflict with your core values.

Our past experiences and struggles have brought us lessons and strength that today we can use to continue our life journey. Make a commitment to stay in alignment with your purpose. Allow yourself time to reconnect daily with your purpose knowing it’s possible for you to live your life without limits.

We would love to here more about you and your journey of discovery. Leave your comments below this post and if you would like to connect with us personally we would love to hear from you. Connect with us here.


To Your Life Without Limits,



Elena & Jean


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7 replies
  1. Gladys Diaz
    Gladys Diaz says:

    Thank you for another amazing post! I am leading a call tonight that walks women through these steps in the area of love and relationships! I love that we are guiding women onto the path of healing, wholeness, and living a life they LOVE! <3

  2. Meire Weishaupt
    Meire Weishaupt says:

    Thanks for the post, you pointed to amazing questions to ask ourselves mainly at this time of the year. We always should make some room, to re-discover, re-define and re-direct our goals to live our lives to the fullest!

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Thanks Meire. I agree this time of year we tend to look at our past and decide what we would like to change for the upcoming year.

  3. denny hagel
    denny hagel says:

    Excellent article…you make such an important and often overlooked point, that it does in fact take courage to reach for the next level…whether health or financial or whatever it is. So much easier to stay in status quo and play victim! Thanks so much for sharing your insights on this!


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