The Truth About Holiday Weight Loss

Busy Moms Stay Fit Over the Holidays Tips

Thanksgiving marks the start of a 6 week event where we are bombarded with strategies on what’s best for holiday weight loss.

Did you know many of these tips are generic and flat out useless, especially if your goal is fat loss? It is amazing how just about every article posted tells you that you simply need to

Burn More Calories

but then leads you to believe this is easily accomplished by engaging in some form of cardio:

~ cooking
~ cleaning
~ decorating
~ shopping
~ walking


“Activity is not Achievement”

There are a few reasons why this will not lead to successful holiday fat loss results.

1. You are essentially being punished.

You are told that if you eat excess calories, it’s going to cost you and you will have to make up for the “damage done”. Aren’t the holidays meant to be enjoyed and spent with a bit of joy and cheer – not wasted on such a negative mindset based on fear and punishment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy all your holiday favorites without this type of guilt hanging over you?


2. How much time do you have?

If simply “moving more” is THE solution, are you ready to make the time to add in the extra activity?

For example:
Eat a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Costs you 450 calories.

The Misleading Solution
Brisk Walking, burn 3-5.7 calories per minute.


Do you really have an extra 80 to 150 minutes just to burn this one indulgence off?

This approach requires that you consider how will you ADD IN all the extra cardio you have to do for all the other treats, dishes and homemade dinners you indulge in this holiday season.


3. Do you want to Maintain or Achieve?

“So go ahead and indulge, just plan on some extra time on the treadmill, and you will be back to your pre-holiday weight.”

This is a quote that is floating around out there! Yes, there is a difference between maintaining your weight over the holidays VS. not going overboard, gaining weight only to end up working your butt off to get back to where you started – if that.


4. “The best way to burn that holiday fat is on a treadmill” – NOT!

A what THEY say Quote …

“Treadmills are one of the most efficient means of burning calories. That is due to the fact you exercise one of your bodies largest muscle groups, your leg muscles.”

Once again another piece of misleading information. Traditional cardio is not the solution to fat loss. It does nothing to increase your lean muscle – and muscle is your metabolism. The more lean muscle you have – the more fat and calories you burn 24-7!

It is amazing that the basic principles of Fat Loss are abandoned during the holidays.

Most people are obsessed with how many calories are burned during a workout, but one of the keys to losing fat is making sure your body continues to burn lots of calories 24 to 48 hours after the workout by boosting your metabolism!


You can easily gain control, boost your metabolism and make your body work for you over the holidays.


Your Holiday Fat Loss Solution lies in moderation and Short Burst Strength Training!

High intensity, strength based exercise burns off significantly more body fat than traditional, steady-state endurance exercise. You work your entire body in a very short period of time. You will boost your metabolism, feel energized, beat holiday stress and look great, all from a mere 15 minutes of your day.

Add this lower body super set to your holiday workout plan to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you “tighten” your lower body trouble areas!

Bonus- you also burn more belly fat!!!

NOTE: These moves are QUICK and Intense!
Be prepared to work and get ready to LOVE the fact that your workouts are done in a flash! As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine.

A1: Jumping Lunges

Fit Yummy Mummy jumping lunge

Also know as Split Squat Jump – I love this move!
Perform 6-8 times alternating legs between jumps

Lunges in general really help me to reshape my butt and thighs. This is a more challenging move that’s not only going to help “tighten” your butt and thighs…. this move will also pump up your heart rate to help you burn even more fat and calories!

Not ready to jump? Modify by simply performing Reverse Lunges

A2: Front Squats

Fit Yummy Mummy Front Squat











Perform 6-8 Using a Weight that is Challenging

Forget the dinky hand weights! Based on your fitness level you will want to choose a weight that makes the completion of 6-8 reps feel challenging. I suggest starting with two 10-15 lb weights and work your way up from there. The way you get the most out of this move – is to slowly lower into the bottom of the squat. Once at the bottom, squeeze your butt and thighs to quickly return to start.

How To Use

Perform these 2 moves back to back as a super set with little to no rest between moves. You can add this super set to your current fat loss plan or use it alone if time is short. Be sure to double your results by cutting out processed foods and sugar!

Your super set will look like this:



Go into super set B and wrap up with super set C

Short Burst Super sets allow you to get maximum results in minimum time – they boost your metabolism, allow you to increase intensity so you stay challenged, are FAST and FUN!

Super sets are the secret ingredient to all the Fit Yummy Mummy short burst strength training workouts.


Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 4.16.04 PM Fit Mom Playground Circuit Workout

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