Female Entrepreneurs Are No 9 to 5ers

I am back from one of the most fulfilling 3 days camping with my son and 20 other kids in his class.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend 3 weekdays camping with kids. This is something that as a women entrepreneur I am able to do. Taking this trip was a great reminder that Female entrepreneurs are no 9-5ers. As a work from home mom I feel especially grateful to be able to spend this time with my son and to be able to share these once in a lifetime opportunities.

My son goes to a private school and they love to pack the school year with field trips. So even though the school year had just started we had our first field trip, and boy was it an adventure.

We went on an unforgettable trip to the Lassen Volcanic National Park, with my son and the rest of his 6th grade class. The trip was a hiking and camping trip that was full of challenges as well as many magical moments for both myself and the kids.

Our first day, we hiked 3 hours on tough terrain to get to Bumpass Hell (no I did not make up that name). Bumpass Hell is a geothermal area, with a wooden, weaving path on top of hot springs with huge boiling mud pots and steaming fumaroles.

The kids had to set-up their own tents, cook their dinner, and wash their own dishes. Sorry I forgot the video cam for the tent setting up, you would have all gotten quite a laugh out of it.

At 2in the morning, we were woken by an amazing thunder and lightening storm. One lightening strike was less than a half a mile away and lit up the sky brighter than the sun. The kids were scared but they will never forget this experience!

With less than 2 hours of sleep from the nights disturbances, we had a busy day ahead. We ate breakfast and put everything in the bear bins before leaving for our day adventure. We were climbing the Cinder Cone, one of the volcanoes in the park. This hike took us all day and again it’s a day we will not forget. This was our most challenging hike because of the steepness, and the loose gravel that was like a combination of  sand and rock that we were walking on. Each step was slippery. It was a tough hike, but all the kids made it up the mountain. An amazing feat.

We all learned valuable lessons. We learned to keep pushing no matter how hard things get. To take one step at a time, and that the small steps added up to the large success that they were looking for. Sometimes we all need to remember this, that if you look at what you have to do as a whole it may seem overwhelming but if you take just one step at a time the goal will be achieved.

The reward at the top of the mountain was this incredible sense of self accomplishment and an incredible view of the inside of the volcano plus the miles of lava rock and lakes below. Now, getting down the steep terrain proved to be just as challenging and we were all exhausted when we got back to camp.

Our last day was just as adventure filled, we visited Burney falls, a gorgeous waterfall where water pours out of the rocks through an underground river, and a lava tube. The lava tube was difficult for some…the teacher asked that all the kids venture through the dark, cold cave alone in silence. Many of the children were scared and it took a lot of encouragement for them to go into the  cave alone, but all but 2 were able to do it!

The lessons learned on this trip were unforgettable!

Everyone learned to keep going when life gets challenging, that scary or unknown challenges can be overcome, and that life has so much to offer if you get out of your comfort zone! Seeing these kids learn this was amazing for me. I know that none of us will  forget such an amazing trip!

I feel fortunate to not only go on the field trip in the middle of the week but to be able to pay for private school. Experiences like this have been taken out of so many of our public schools. As a women entrepreneur and work from home mom, I am grateful to be able to share these types of activities with my son.
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To Your Life Without Limits,
Elena & Jean
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  1. Sandra Mauck
    Sandra Mauck says:

    Jeanmarie – It took me some time to adjust to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, but once I did, I never wanted to go back. I only did it after my children were grown, however, so my hat is off to you and others who are able to be their own boss and give stay at home mom quality to their children.

  2. Christine
    Christine says:

    Sounds like a great trip! My mom was an entrepreneur and was able to spend time with us whenever we had a school event and now I’m looking forward to doing the same with my children as I build my business. This post is a reminder that it’s definitely worth continuing!

  3. Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez says:

    Great story! So wonderful that you are able to do things like this with your son and not have a boss to ask whether you can or not. I want this so much for my husband. He is in a dead end job and miserable. He is MY inspiration for following the entrepreneurial path.

  4. elena
    elena says:

    Thanks Michelle. I wish you the greatest success in your business. I have seen your work and it’s great. It won’t be long before your husband is able to find and pursue his passion.

  5. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    What an amazing trip to be able to get out in nature with your son and his 6th grade class. I am glad that as an entrepreneur you had the freedom and the flexibility to take 3 days off and go. What wonderful memories for you and your son.

  6. Maria
    Maria says:

    Sounds like a great trip. Children always remember these memories, these are some of the most special that I remember of my childhood – doing adventurous things with my Dad, who is also a great entrepreneur.


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