Entrepreneurial Success Is In All Women

Life throws a curve ball to all of us at one time or another.  We get excited about something in our life, make big plans as to how we are going to achieve it or what our life will be like when we find success and then comes the curve ball, the unplanned, the unexpected.

True entrepreneurial success is in all women its in finding an alternate route or plan. There is always an alternate route it just may not be so obvious.  Life has lessons for us all, and the alternate route may in the end be the perfect route for you. It just may be a bumpier ride.

My niece is a perfect example of this.  After graduating from college she was full of excitement. Life was going just as she planned. She was starting to work as a schoolteacher, had gotten married to her high school sweet heart, and was pregnant.

Life was perfect.

Then came the curve ball. She was on a field trip with her class when she developed a terrible headache and collapsed. She was rushed to the nearest emergency room and then helicoptered two hours away to the University Hospital in San Francisco. She had a blood vessel in her brain that had ruptured and was taken into emergency surgery to repair it. We were very fortunate that surgery had gone well.

That was two years ago and tomorrow morning I will be driving to San Francisco to be with her during surgery. Surgery number 10 on her brain.

Something I can do because I am an entrepreneur, but that’s a different story.

I share her story because my niece had no idea when she graduated from college how very different her life was about to be. But she has stayed true to her goals and dreams and is finding her “alternate route.”

She plans on the day that she can return to being a schoolteacher. She feels it is her true calling and that this past two years that she has been ill has been a life lesson that she is still learning from.

She knows that her purpose in life is expanding and that this is her story that she will someday be able to share so that other people will benefit. The entire lesson is not clear yet but we know in time it will be.

The universe, who we call God, has life lessons that we are here to learn and these we can’t plan for. But we can learn to embrace and accept them and know that there is always an alternate route.

Women entrepreneurs are always challenging themselves and opening themselves up to new lessons. Sometimes the path itself may have a slight shift, but there is always the opportunity to learn and grow.  Successful entrepreneurship comes in the persistence, learning and growing.

If life is throwing you a curve ball you may need to step back and reexamine your path. The road to your dreams has many paths. Step back and take a look at your strategies. Are your strategies working? Do you need to ask for someone’s opinion or help? Do you need to attend a seminar? Are you resisting the next step that once you step through, will get you the success you are looking for?

What ever it is, we know that success is here for you. Don’t give up on your dreams; you are closer than you think.  We have a 7-day training series to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, “living A Life Without Limits.”  We will help you build your goals, strategies, balance and much more, sign in at the top of this page, Live A Life Without Limits.


To Your Life Without Limits,




Elena & Jean


P.S. We would love to hear how life has thrown you a curve ball write us a comment and let us know.

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  1. Bernie Browne
    Bernie Browne says:

    thanks for sharing this Jean, we all get thrown curve balls and we have to take the positive out of it, thanks for reminding us of that because it’s easy to forget and think you are on your own or get bogged down in the problems and forget to look what’s on the other side.

  2. Sandra Mauck
    Sandra Mauck says:

    Such a heart felt story. I especially liked the phrase ” Successful entrepreneurship comes in the persistence, learning and growing”. It’s important for me to remember that hard work alone will not get me to where I want to go unless I am learning and growing along side it. Very important point. My thoughts are with you and your dear niece. Strong family ties are so essential at times like this.

  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Jeanmarie, a very inspirational post. It’s fabulous your niece is not letting what she’s been through stop her from pursuing her dreams. Something we would all benefit from remembering when we are facing life changing challenges stopping us in our tracks. Wishing her all the very best.

  4. Christine
    Christine says:

    Curveballs… I’ve dealt with so many that I can relate to the story you shared about your niece. We’ve all had our share of curveballs. Mine have taken me from one path to another, seemingly unrelated, but all that have led me to where I am now. It’s amazing how life turns out. Sending lots of love, healing, and prayers for your niece.

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Thank-You so much Christine. Yes it’s hard to understand at the time but they all become a special part of who we are.


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