Create Your Life With What You Already Have

live a life without limits healthy lifestyleThere are laws or understandings about life that once you “get them” and you begin to apply and live by them and you begin to create the life you want.

It’s easy for you to know who “get’s it” and who doesn’t.  If your always a victim to your past or your current situation then you will never have the ability to change your life and create the life you dream of, or desire.

See when we play the role of victim we sound something like this, “I will when I have more______(time, money, skill, education, etc.).

Or something like, “let me tell you what my _______(husband, mother, father, employer, economy, government, etc.) did to me.

Whenever we approach life as a victim we are not taking responsibility for our life.

We can never dodge responsibility for our own life and still be creating our best life.

You are responsible for your life.

Only you can create your life of your dreams!

Every choice we make including the thoughts we think – especially the thoughts we think have consequences!

Our thoughts either keep us as a victim or they help us to create a life we would love.

Your thoughts are always the beginning to you creating the life you love or keeping you stuck in old patterns of behavior. It always starts first with the thought, and being aware of the results the thoughts are bringing.

Your thoughts create your life.

There is always a payoff for your thoughts. The payoff can be positive or negative.

Old thoughts and beliefs hang on tight to maintain the status “as is.” Old beliefs will always come up with tons of “proof” to support themselves. The bills on the counter, poor health, whatever it is your old patterns will fight to prove that it is based on reality instead of past history. Past history is nothing more then that – the past!

There is a huge danger in believing the past thoughts or events are more then the past. There is a huge danger in believing they are facts. These old beliefs have to be truly challenged in order to create a new perspective.

Your past history has nothing to do with your present or future! You have the power to choose and change at any time. You create your life every moment of every day!

Be honest about your life. We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.  If you want to create a life you would love you have to be honest with yourself with what needs to be fixed or changed.

Take some time to really discover what a life that you would REALLY LOVE would look like. Know where you want to go!

The next step is to start taking action. Nothing changes until you start to take the steps towards creating the life you would love.

You don’t have to know the “how” but you do have to start with where you are right now, and with what you have right now. And take the steps to creating a life you would love.

Be committed to the change. This will require you dig deep inside yourself and pull out every ounce of courage and faith you have to hang on strong and be unwavering to your thoughts, dreams, and goals!

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To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean


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4 replies
  1. MelAnn
    MelAnn says:

    My journey keeps insisting I remember this… This on a day that is difficult and I feel like I’m starting over again! But I’m fine where I am. I can start here… Again. But having a life that I love? Totally worth the commitment to the journey! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Your welcome MelAnn. I agree a life that you love is worth the journey. I also believe that the journey is totally fun!

  2. Becci Bailey-Oxner
    Becci Bailey-Oxner says:

    I am aware of my thoughts…have been for quite some time. And am amazed at how often those conflicting thoughts sneak in. I am changing my life now and am grateful for your sound inspiring advice!

    • Jeanmarie Bills
      Jeanmarie Bills says:

      Your welcome Becci. I agree even being very tuned into our thoughts, as we challenge ourselves, old paradigms can sneak in, and it takes some time to realize it. I accept that that will happen. My goal is simply to recognize them quickly and change them.


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