Business Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs Is On The Rise

As more and more women entrepreneurs start their own business the demand for business coaching has also been on the rise.

It’s an exciting time for women entrepreneurs as women throw in the towel on the corporate world and become their own boss.

The old business models of the corporate world have never had the flexibility that a women’s lifestyle requires, therefore it has never served women well or been a “good fit” for them.

The great news is that today the fastest growing group of new entrepreneurs is women.

It makes sense, as more women become entrepreneurs that business coaching for women entrepreneurs is on the rise too.

Most women become entrepreneurs for the lifestyle. We were the same as other women; we became women entrepreneurs to gain a better lifestyle. We needed more flexibility in our schedule. Time freedom, to be able to do what we wanted when we wanted, to be able to spend time with family and friends, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, to travel, to create a better work life balance, and to make a contribution to the world were some of our reasons for choosing to be entrepreneurs.

All great goals, wouldn’t you agree?

But, as you can imagine, like anything that’s new, the road to success is not always a smooth one. Prior to becoming women entrepreneurs, we had spent most of our work time in the corporate world. Some skills from the corporate world were helpful, but we needed to learn new skills also.

What we have discovered on our journey as successful women entrepreneurs is that business coaching is a huge help. Most women entrepreneurs have had very little to no business ownership experience.

At the beginning, our entrepreneurial journey was a, “learn along the way” adventure. Not something we would recommend for any women entrepreneur. We discovered the hard way that a business coach or mentor was essential to our success.

Business coaching for women entrepreneurs has really taken a huge leap as more and more women entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits. Coaching reduces the time it takes to start earning a profit and getting the lifestyle that women entrepreneurs want.

Business coaching helps bring clarity, keeps you focused, helps you with the learning process in technical things like, setting up your blog, SEO, marketing, list building, joint partnering and tons more. In fact working with a business coach will help you to reach your goals much sooner.

As successful women entrepreneurs we love sharing with you what we have learned along our entrepreneurial journey. To watch one of our clients move from a struggling entrepreneur into their own success story has been extremely satisfying. What is even more exciting is helping women live their life on their own terms, to decide for themselves what a “life without limits” looks like for them.

We are your #1 resource in helping you take your life story and experiences and turn them into your unstoppable business and life. We have a special gift for you to help you get a jump start in your business success and start living life on your terms. Put your name and email in at the top of the page and we will send you tips and strategies to build your business and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


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  1. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    Great post! Totally agree, business coaching is a necessity in this day and age. Your clients are very lucky to have you two as mentors and coaches.


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