5 Steps To Creating The Solutions Your Customers Will Buy

Ultimate business success comes from providing solutions that your ideal clients will want to buy. In order to provide the right solutions, you must first understand your ideal clients.

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You must know what your clients want, think, and feel at a deep level.

I often tell my clients that they must become “cultural anthropologists” and study their clients in the same way someone might study a different culture.

Use the following 5 steps to help you become a “cultural anthropologist” AND provide the right solutions for your ideal clients:

  1. Interview potential clients.  Let them know you are working on market research and that you don’t want to sell to them.  Ask them questions about the issues they are having, what they want, and how they’d like to solve their issue (make sure you frame the conversation to be about the specific area you solve)
  2. Identify key themes. Review all the data you collected from those interviews (be sure you’ve collected at least 10 interviews) and look for common themes about what they want, the issues they are having, etc.
  3. Organize into different client stages. We all know that clients want to get from Point A to Point B. However there are MANY steps between those two points. These steps can be grouped into smaller “stages” of the client journey.Example: if someone wants to lose 10 lbs, their Point A is being overweight now and Point B is being 10 pounds lighter. There are many steps to get from Point A to Point B, and you might online pharmacy group them into the following “stages”:
  • Creating a plan to lose weight
  • Making changes in your diet
  • Adding exercise

4. Determine solutions for each stage. Once you have the stages identified you can create solutions for these stages. Be it a home study, 1:1 work or group work, it’s up to you determine (however if you did a thorough job in step 1, you can do what your potential clients most want you to do)

 5. Write your marketing. Now that you have the perfect solutions for your ideal clients, you can use all the information you gathered in step 1 to write your marketing copy.  The best kind of marketing is one that uses your ideal client’s actual words and there is nothing better than having that from first hand interviews! Use common phrases, words, etc. to express how your solution will benefit them. Whether in print or in a 1:1 conversation, those words and phrases are your marketing gold.
So there you have it, 5 steps to creating the solutions your customers will buy!

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and let me know which of these steps you’re going to focus on to get your customers to buy.


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