3 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs To Unlock Their Creative Juices

We all have days when we just can’t seem to focus or, our brain just seems to freeze. These are the times when our focus seems to last only a second or two, and our thoughts are scattered.

I hate these moments because, as female entrepreneurs we are not paid for our time, but for what we produce.

These, “brain freeze,” times not only mess with our self-confidence but also with our bottom dollar.  

Female entrepreneurs need to unlock their creative Juices.

Well today was one of those kinds of days where the creative flow was just not happening. It seemed no matter what topic I had thought to write about it just wasn’t flowing.  Nothing was getting done.

Father time was ticking by and the only thoughts that were going through my head was how much time I was wasting.

When your creative energy is stuck, and you are having trouble finding your inspiration, then pretty soon procrastination shows up and one of my favorite procrastination habits is doing the housework. Female entrepreneurs are great at doing some type of housework as a procrastination device.

Then pretty soon we are off doing the laundry or vacuuming. We all have these blocks from time to time. So today we felt it was the perfect day to share some tips about getting into the creative flow, and viola back in the creative process you are.

1. Get up and move. When we are not focused and time is moving by without getting anything done get up and move. Go outside for a walk, dance, exercise, just get up and move. When you get up and move, the blood flow to your brain improves and the chemicals in your brain change. This is one of the best reasons to have a timer next to you when you work and work in 40-minute intervals. After 40 minutes, time to move!

Today it worked and this is how I got unstuck, and back into the creative zone.

2. Meditate. Take a few minutes to slow yourself down and clear your thoughts.  Allow yourself to relax into the process. The more you use mediation to help you get into the creative process the easier it becomes so be patient with yourself if this is new for you.

3. Have a conducive environment. Distractions are the enemy to your creative flow.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be your creative flow and then have the phone or some other distraction take you out of the flow. As a female entrepreneur it is important to have a comfortable environment for you to work in. Pay attention to what part of the day you are more creative, and your creative process seems to flow more easily.  I usually do my creative work in the morning in a quiet office with the phone off.

As with anything getting the creative juices flowing takes practice. The more you get accustomed to being in the flow the easier it becomes.

You know you are in your creative flow, when ideas are coming into your mind with ease and when time seems to, “just fly by.” Your concentration stays focused on the project you are working on. Your awareness is high and your thoughts are clear. Creative flow is a great place to be. The more you are in your creative juices are flowing the more you recognize the state and the easier it becomes to get into.

So how do you get your creative process flowing? We would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below and share your tips.

To Your Life Without Limits,



Elena & Jean

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