three business lessons from the la jolla half marathon

3 Business Lessons Running the La Jolla Half Marathon

I just got in from running the La Jolla Half Marathon. HOLLY SHMOLLY, that was tough race. If you don’t know anything about the La Jolla race it is literally an uphill battle with a mega 2 mile hill around mile 6. It is considered one of the hardest half marathons in the United States.

As hard as the race was when I crossed that finish line all I felt was excitement, accomplishment and an undeniable feeling that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.  All the pain, struggle, fear, feeling like I can’t possibly take another steps and thoughts of all the hard work to get to this point disappeared!

This is why I am telling you this…

The top 3 things that got me over that finish line are the same 3 things that are essential to creating a successful business.

3 Business Lessons Running the La Jolla Half Marathon!

  1. Commitment – In the race I was committed to finishing no matter what.  It did not matter what obstacles came up; the blisters bleeding on my feet, the severe shooting pain in my shins, or the crazy cramp in my leg.  This unwavering commitment is essential for creating a business. Trust me shit will come up! Your dog will die, your kids will get sick, you may lose your house or be negative in your bank account– whatever it is for you, you will have to dig deep and use all the strength within you to keep going and not throw in the towel. 
  2. Consistency – Just like in training for a marathon in business you must consistently take action. Consistent action leads to consistent results. Being consistent means creating a schedule that works for you and sticking to it no matter how you feel that day, whether you are traveling, or whether you or your child is sick. There will be days when you do not feel like it or days when you will say it is easier to do it tomorrow. These are the days you must do it and stay on your schedule no matter what.
  3. Belief – I knew that I would finish the race no matter what it took. Did doubt, fear and pain try and kick me off of my belief? HELL YA! In business fear, doubt, pain and struggle will creep in. You must have a belief that although I feel these things I will make this work NO MATTER WHAT. This belief makes the commitment and consistency work. You cannot go into business with the belief that “maybe I will make this work”. You cannot allow yourself a back door, if you do you will take it when things get hard.

Once you learn just how to utilize these 3 skills in building a business, things become easier. You no longer question what you are doing or if you are doing it right, or if this will even work.  You just do it and make it better the next time. Like in the marathon I now know what I can do to improve my training, what I can do better, and what I can tweak to make my next race even better.

If you are struggling with your commitment, your consistency or your belief book a call with me HERE, I can help!

Building a successful business takes all 3 of these skills, if just one is slightly off you will struggle to create a consistent sustainable income.

In my training for the La Jolla half marathon there were days when I lacked consistency and it made this race hard, it did not have to be this hard and either does your business.

Comment below and let me know if you are struggling to create a consistent income in your business. Do you believe you are lacking commitment, consistency or belief?

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