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Welcome. My goal for you is to achieve financial freedom through mastering money, business success, and tax savings. I work with clients to help them get “unstuck” from money problems and to help them live a life that they truly desire and love. At a young age, I came to love working with money, budgeting and really finding ways to make money work for me.

I was a bit of a wild-child or rebel my mom would say so I have learned many things the hard way through life-lessons that I believe have led me down the exact path that I needed to take to build the life that I desired. Just as I believe that you are reading this right now for a reason; we have crossed paths for a purpose.

I had my son Antonio at the age of 19 and have been raising him as a single parent since he was born. Being a mother taught me great patience and understanding that things don’t always go as they are planned.

I’ve had a love for business from the time I was young, I started a franchise at 24 that I absolutely hated. It was not in alignment with my purpose in life, but it was an experience that I learned a lot from. From there I went on to co-own and operate a 7-figure business, where I worked one-on-one with clients to help them with their money, taxes and financial planning.

After working with 1000’s of clients over the years, I soon realized that by the time the clients finally came in to see me it was often too late to fix any problems they had. It was too late, for example, to tell them they should have rolled their 401k into an IRA when they switched jobs instead of putting the money into a savings account because they were now facing a huge tax bill that they had not planned on.

Elena really helped me realize that I have so much more to offer than I thought I did. She allowed me to see that I was doing others a disservice by not offering to help them with my coaching. I’m now committed to helping every single person who reaches out for support, no matter if they fit the exact mould of my ideal client or not. I know I have the skills, and Elena reminded me of that, AND boosted my confidence!

Elena helped me get crystal clear and to the point when I offer my program to potential clients. It was such a great point that they were not getting into overwhelm over the description of my service. This had given me so much clarity and confidence when doing my offerings!

Elena is amazing. I’ve had trouble handling the money objection when I started my sales calls, but Elena gave me the tools to not only easily handle that objection, but feel more confident that my service can transform people’s lives. She taught me how to truly serve my community by going all the way through the conversation with them. She really made me realize the importance of what I do and how I can change people’s lives with a single conversation.

You can feel good about your money, understand how to navigate your finances, increase your net worth and have a business that you absolutely love!


Your Daily Success Worksheet:

Get More Done Daily, Make More Money and Live Life NOW!
Enter Your Name and Email to Get Instant Access to Your PDF Download!

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